About Our Beers

Paddle Tastings

150ml x 4 (600ml) $15.50

Ringkeeper IPA

285ml $7.90 I 425ml $12.00

Just as the Ringkeeper must be a strong personality to control the two up game, Ringkeeper IPA is a strong flavoured English style IPA with a biscuity malt profile and old world English hops from East Kent. This rich beer has been made with water rich in Calcium to accentuate the hops and uses pale and abbey malts that result in a biscuit flavour and brown coloured IPA. This beer is brewed with an English ale yeast that is neutral allowing the malt and resinous East Kent and Target hops to dominate.

Grain – Pale Malt, Abbey Malt and Vienna
Hops – East Kent and Target
Yeast – English Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.065 IBUs: 45 ABV: 6.5%

Come In Spinner PALE ALE

285ml $7.90 I 425ml $10.50 I 570ml $12.50

We are mad about passionfruit and this East Coast style New England Pale Ale using rich and balanced malt profile with the addition of passionfruit puree added into the fermenter complimented by new world hops from Australia. This beer is a fruity ale using Galaxy and Ella to balance the fruit acidity with a lingering bitterness as well as the addition of subtle floral notes of passionfruit and citrus.

Grain – Pale Malt and Vienna malt
Hops – Galaxy and Ella
Yeast – West Coast Pale Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.055 IBUs: 52 ABV: 5.0%

Two's Company Old ENGLISH BITTER

285ml $6.50 I 425ml $9.50 I 570ml $12.00

This is a medium bodied beer based on the traditional Northern English style. Malt forward with beautiful caramel tastes & a slight aroma of sage.

This beer has been gassed with nitrogen, producing a stunning waterfall effect when poured & creates a nice creamy head on top.

Lighthorse LAGER

285ml $7.00 I 425ml $10.00 I 570ml $12.50

The Germans make the best pale beers and they are our inspiration here. This is a crisp and refreshing Pale Lager with a twist. This unique beer has been made Extra Pale with a zesty hop profile and bitterness that comes from the new world New Zealand hops. This beer is brewed with a yeast from Koln Germany that provides a clean finish, with hints of apple and fruit tones and hops that accentuate a clean bitterness delivering subtle flavours of stone fruit.

Grain – Pale Malt and Caramel Pils malt
Hops – Rakau and Wai-iti
Yeast – Koln Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.045 IBUs: 38 ABV: 4.5%

Two Heads Dark Lager

285ml $7.90 I 425ml $10.90

Two heads means the Spinner wins and you’ll be the winner with our Dark Lager. This is our take on those delicious German Lagers. Two Heads is a complex malt profile of Ale, Munich, Vienna, Abbey Malt, Smoked Malt and Oats providing a creamy malt based beer. The water used is rich in Calcium to accentuate the malt. This malt forward beer displays caramel and toffee flavours with notes of biscuit and roasted barley. The hops are in the background with this style as most of the bitterness is provided by the roasted barley.

Grain – Munich, Vienna, Abbey Malt, Smoked Malt and Oats
Hops – Perle and Target
Yeast – American Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.050 IBUs: 31 ABV: 4.4%

Two Pennies Pilsner

285ml $7.50 I 390ml $9.00 I 640ml $13.90

This beer uses a relatively light water rich in Calcium Sulphate which makes it crisp and malty with a lingering bitterness. We use German Pilsner malt and Wheat malt that have undergone multiple infusions to bring out a classic Pilsner malt profile, mouth feel and proteins for a fine lasting head that clings to the glass. The hop are from Australia and New Zealand and are added into our hop infuser after the kettle.

Grain – Pale Malt and Wheat Malt
Hops – Ella, Centennial & Amarillo Gold
Yeast – Pils yeast
Original Gravity: 1.044 IBUs: 34 ABV: 4.7%

Lakeside Cider

285ml $7.90 I 425ml $10.50 I 570ml $13.00

With inspiration taken from Lake Joondalup reminding us of the French country side, our Lakeside Cider is a style that has close characteristics to a French Cider. We ferment apple juice from Harvey in WA with a West Coast Ale yeast and blend this cider with fresh fruit juices on the day we serve it up to you, providing a unique and distinctive taste. Ask our staff for the current flavour as it will vary depending on the seasonal availability of the freshest market fruits. Some examples on tap may include; Apple, Pear and Apple, Blackcurrant, Banana and Mango.

ABV: 4.5%

Slouch Hat Session Ale

285ml $7.00 I 425ml $9.50 I 570ml $11.50

The slouch hat became a famous symbol of the Australian fighting forces during World War One and remains strongly associated with the Australian identity to this day. The slouch hat is a distinctive symbol just as our mid strength or sessionable beer is a distinctive craft beer full of malt and hop flavours that you would normally expect from a full-strength beer. Our Session Ale uses our special process that retains maximum malt through a high temperature mash, a low attenuating yeast and a process of dry hopping that extracts a higher yield of hop oils. This process delivers an exceptionally flavoured beer true to its iconic name.

Grain – Pale Malt and Wheat Malt
Hops – Centennial, Amarillo and Citra
Yeast – English Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.037 IBUs: 25 ABV: 3.5%

Blueys RED ALE

285ml $8.00 I 473ml $12.00

The nickname “bluey” was used extensively during the First and Second World Wars for every Australian red-haired soldier.  Blueys Red is a rich red Ale with a difference. The malt profile incorporates caramel rich malts in combination with a low attenuating English Ale yeast to provide a creamy mouth feel. The malt is balanced by new world hops from the USA. This beer is a rich and complex hoppy ale using Centennial, Citra and Amarillo Gold to impart citrus flavours and aromas to balance the rich malt.

Grain – Pale Malt, Carared, Abbey and Munich malt
Hops – Centennial, Citra and Amarillo Gold
Yeast – Windsor Ale yeast
Original Gravity: 1.051 IBUs: 47 ABV: 4.2%

Toss the Kip Hazy NEIPA

285ml $8.00 I 425ml $12.00

To retire after a winning throw, the Spinner hands the kip back the Ringkeeper. Our take on the Hazy New England IPA is something you’ll want to hold onto. This is a new style with a unique brewing process that aims to keep all the proteins from the malt, wheat and oats in suspension, in combination with massive late hop additions provide a juicy hop forward beer with low bitterness. The hops used are a combination of new world US and Australia hops, that provide a whole of citrus orchard experience in the glass.

Grain – Pale Malt, Wheat Malt, Golden Oats and Munich Malt
Hops – Centennial, Citra and Nelson Sauvin
Yeast – Voss Kviek
Original Gravity: 1.058 IBUs: 16 ABV: 6.5%

Sappers Ginger Beer

425ml $11.00 I 570ml $13.50

In the Australian military, the engineers are the tradesmen of the battlefield and are known as the “sappers”. In rhyming slang, they are also known as “ginger beers”. Our Ginger Beer is a premium product made from fresh ingredients including ginger, lemon, vanilla and other spices from an artisan brewer who derives inspiration from his local areas of Albany and Denmark in our Great Southern region of WA.

Grain – Ginger and other ingredients sourced in season
Hops – None
Yeast – Distillers Yeast
ABV: 3.5%

Rising Sun Wheat

285ml $7.50 I 390ml $9.50

The Rising Sun badge is the official insignia of the Australian Army and is readily identified with the spirit of ANZAC and the legend of the Australian soldier or digger. Wheat is WA’s major grain crop and the rising sun is essential for its growth and development. With most European styles using more than 50% wheat in the grain bill, our Wheat Beer has been tailored for Aussie pallets using just 30% wheat to ease people into the style. We use a multi-step infusion process with Australian base malt and hops, and a hint of Lemon, Lime and Lemon Myrtle.

Grain – Pale Malt, Munich and Wheat Malt
Hops – Ella
Yeast – Munich Classic
Original Gravity: 1.049 IBUs: 12 ABV: 4.4%

Diggers XPA

285ml $7.90 I 425ml $10.50 I 570ml $12.50

This extra pale ale is the palest of our ales, using the lightest malts to provide a clean canvas to showcase the hop and yeast characters providing bold characters true to its name.

Grain – Pale Ale

How our beer is made